Beverly Allen, Ph.D.,

is an author, lecturer and teacher in the humanities and spiritual traditions.  Holding a Bachelors Degree in Music from the University of California at Berkeley, a Masters in Italian from Columbia University, and Ph.D in Italian Studies from U.C. Berkeley, she has taught at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Stanford University, Cornell University, the University of Zagreb, and Syracuse University, where she is Professor of French, Italian and Comparative Literature, Emerita, and where she held the William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professorship in the Humanities.  Her diverse career includes a decade of investigative journalism and activism in Bosnia and Croatia during the 1990s.  Insiders at the U.N. have said her Rape Warfare influenced the creation of a new international law making rape a Crime Against Humanity.  A prize-winning literary translator and screenwriter, Beverly Allen now lives in Berkeley, California, where she is writing, lecturing and teaching.  Her study of genocide and mass rape led her to an understanding that the Sacred Feminine is missing in Western Culture and the world in general.  Tracing and reviving this is central to her work now.  Her current topics of study include Gnosticism, early Christianity and the figure of Mary Magdalene, Dante and the Sacred Feminine, Fairy Tales, medieval European heresy and courtly love, Jung’s work, and the literature of Italy’s storied cities.  A Certified Usui Reiki Master, she practices and values highly the arts of music, dance and knitting, she loves dogs and gardens, and she travels often to Italy and Scandinavia.

Dr. Allen is available for lectures and may be reached through the contact provided here.

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